DYLAN Foundation


to making a difference!

The D.Y.L.A.N. Foundation is committed to families of children with autism.  It is our desire to provide children with autism funds for therapy and medical intervention.  You can be sure that your monetary gift will be used to change the course of autism in each child.  You have the opportunity to impact a family desperate to help their child.  Make a difference today! Donate Now!!

DYLAN Foundation is Active for Autism

-Actively helping families pay for:                          -Active in our Community

  1. Therapy                                                              1. Annual 5k
  2. Schooling                                                            2. Galas
  3. Medical Intervention                                        3. Fundraisers at local businesses

-We are actively working towards providing a better future for families with autism. Many charities support research and awareness but the Dylan foundation funds go directly to families. We must help kids with autism now to give them a brighter future. We also have a long term goal to one day build a facility that provides specialized therapy and a school.

-How can you be active for autism with the Dylan Foundation?

  1. Donate
  2. Become a member of Club 365
  3. Spread the word about Dylan Foundation
  4. Point the families you know with autism to our foundation so that we can hopefully begin supporting them to get the help they need.
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